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Doors open Day

Welcome to X Labs Zurich
May 18 | Sat
10.00 – 16.00
X Labs Zurich
18th of May 2019 we opened our doors for everyone who wanted to know more about our activities. We are very glad that the day was a big success. Children could do 30 minutes amusing science workshops. Parents could discover our offer and get to know «X Labs» team Zürich.

Thank you a lot for your visit.
We let the pictures speak for themselves.
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Children performed a series of fun experiments:
  1. All children know how easy it is to mix paints together to get a new color. We propose an opposite challenge for them to solve: how can we overlay different colors without mixing them?
  2. Why an astronaut needs a space suite to go on a spacewalk? Let's put a little rubber elastic toy in vacuum conditions to find out the answer!
  3. Is it possible to transform a gas to a solid substance? Our animators will show how to produce dry ice from CO2 and all participants will make fun bubbling experiments with it.
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