Science birthday party

In our laboratory young researchers explore science in a safe and amusing way. We offer 4 scientific workshops with fascinating experiments, spectacular chemical reactions, and surprising results. All guests actively participate under supervision of our experienced mediators. Check online our availability and book the date with just one click. Choose the workshop according to the age of the participants and also the option for the celebration room and presents.
4 elements (6-8 years old)
Little young curious scientists will be impressed by this series of cool science experiments: a giant electrical chain, a tornado in a bottle, instant snow, a super loud thunder, and other exciting experiments. Everyone actively participates supervised by an experienced mediator.
Dry ice (8-12 years old)
The scientific birthday party Dry Ice has always a big success. Children carry out about 10 different eye-catching experiments supervised and guided by our mediator. The change of the dry ice state (sublimation), the fun bubbling machine, magic white smoke, mysterious candles, floating soap bubbles and other super funny surprises are waiting for young explorers.
Monsters party (9-12 years old)
Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves - a crashing science workshop with experiments on the edge of science and magic. In the program: a wizard's pot with white smoke, artificial blood like in a real movie, veins of a vampire, secrets of fluorescence and phosphorescence, magic potion and other hair-raising experiments.
Secret Laboratory (10-12 years old)
In the program children discover unusual materials which we do not meet in our everyday life. Dry water which puts the fire out but is not wet. One can even put a laptop into it and take it out without any damage. Nitinol wire memory-shape alloy. Temperature sensitive paper and polymers. Explosions in a tube, and some other surprises.
Celebration space
Celebration space

Our prices

Birthday science workshop (90 min)
Maximum 10 children
CHF 295.-
per group
Additional participants
Maximum 20 children
CHF 25.-
per child
Second mediator
Obligatory from 12 children
CHF 70.-
Celebration Option S (+45 min)
We provide decorated room, you organise the celebration yourself
CHF 65.-
per group
Celebration Option M (+45 min)
We take care about the party, set up the table with fluo props (kids can keep fluo bracelets), serve chips, popcorn and drinks (ice tea: peach/lemon, juice: orange/apple and sirops)
CHF 150.-
per group

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