Science birthday party

Our unique science-themed birthday parties are specially designed for children who are curious and eager to discover. The workshops offer an immersive experience where young minds can explore the wonderful world of science, perform spectacular experiments and return home with a head full of new ideas! Give your little scientist a memorable, educational and fun birthday party!

Once the workshop is over, the celebration continues with a glow party: black light room and fluorescent accessories awaits your little guests.

Check online our availability and book the date with just one click. Choose the workshop according to the age of the participants and also the option for the celebration room and presents.
Rainbow (6-9 years)
During this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to let your creativity run wild by making unique kaleidoscopes, offering a fascinating glimpse of infinite visual patterns. With your friends, you'll explore super-absorbent polymers and create a veritable rainbow of colours inside a test tube. The light dispersion that creates the optical phenomenon of rainbows will hold no secrets for you, thanks to our special glasses.
4 elements (7-9 years old)
Join us for a workshop full of exciting discoveries and fun experiments. With an experienced mediator, you'll create a giant electrical circuit that flashes and glows, make instant snow that doesn't melt and explore the wonders of chemistry. Little researchers will be able to get up close to a tornado in a bottle to understand the mysteries of nature, and produce a deafening thunderclap that will have you jump with surprise! Get ready to explore the exciting world of science with us!
Dry ice (9-12 years old)
Welcome to the coolest science workshop ever! If you like magic and science, you've come to the right place. Get ready to discover some incredible experiments with dry ice. First, we'll explore the mystery of how dry ice sublimates, turning it into thick mist. You'll be able to create dense fog like in the movies, extinguish candles and even blow up balloons with carbon dioxyde! But that's not all: with our bubble machine, you can produce floating bubbles that dance with grace. Put on your lab coats and join us for a frosty scientific adventure full of fun discoveries.
Monsters party (9-12 years old)
Dear aspiring witches and wizards, welcome to our laboratory. We've prepared a series of frightening experiments for you: cauldrons filled with mysterious white smoke, fake blood and vampire veins popping out of the cauldrons. Discover the secrets of magic potions that glow in the dark. At the end of the workshop you'll be treated to a mesmerising chemical reaction as metal oxidise, creating hypnotic sparks. Thrills and discoveries await you!
Mad science lab (9-12 years old)
Are you ready to tackle some incredible challenges at our science workshop? Then come and have fun while discovering the mysteries of science with our experienced mediators! You won't believe your eyes when you see an ice cube melt in just a few seconds! Can you quickly and magically inflate a giant balloon? Oh, and how about making a small, controlled but deafening explosion? Do you know what's an implosion? You will even learn how to make metal coins float. So put on your lab coats and get ready for a birthday party full of fun and exciting scientific discoveries. We have plenty of tricky challenges for you and your guests!
Secret Laboratory (11-12 years old)
Get ready to discover some stunning materials: heat-sensitive paper that changes colour under your fingers, shape-memory alloys that bend and straight as if by magic. You're sure to be amazed as you create mirages and make mini explosions. But the most incredible substance you'll have the chance to experiment with is dry water: it puts out fires but doesn't make things wet, it's non-toxic, evaporates quickly and can even cool down a supercomputer. Put on your crazy scientist safety goggles and get ready for an incredible birthday party. Extraordinary experiments await you!
Science laboratory for kids
Birthday celebration room
Science laboratory for kids
Birthday celebration room
Children's birthday party prices
Contact us for any special requests.
Science Birthday Party S
Price for 6-10 kids:
CHF 380.-

Each extra child: CHF 30.- (max 18 kids)
  • Total duration 2h.
    Workshop duration: 1h15 min,
    Celebration in a private space: 45 min.
  • We provide for free our private space for your celebration.
  • Parents organise and lead the celebration, bring plates, cups, tableware, towels, drinks, snacks, cake, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.
  • Parents clean the table after the celebration.
  • Each extra child: CHF 30.-
  • Maximum: 18 kids
Science Birthday Party M
Price for 6-10 kids:
CHF 480.-

Each extra child: CHF 30.- (max 18 kids)
  • Total duration 2h15 min.
    Workshop duration: 1h30 min,
    Celebration in a private space: 45 min.
  • The celebration takes place in the decorated private space with disco light.
  • We organise the celebration for your group. We provide plates, cups, tableware + fluo hats rental, glow sticks wristbands.
  • Included in the package: chocolate popcorn, salty popcorn, chips, drinks: water, sirop, ice tea peach, ice tea lemon, orange juice, apple juice,
  • You bring the cake and optionally pizzas, sandwiches, etc.
  • Our team cleans the table and the room after the party.
  • Each extra child: CHF 30.-
  • Maximum: 18 kids

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