Terms and conditions

Effective date: January 01, 2019

Terms and Conditions


Edutainment Group LLC ("us", "we", or "our") operates the X Labs and the website www.xxx.com

By agreeing to let your child join our workshop or paying for a workshop, parents accept these terms and conditions.

“Workshop” in the Conditions outlined here refers to any workshop, training course, event, birthday party or holiday program organized by X Labs if not called differently in the description of the activity.


1. Contract Formation

These Terms and the confirmation of your booking set out the agreement in full between us relating to your booking.

1.1. Once X Labs has confirmed your workshop booking in writing, you are bound by these Terms and you can only cancel your booking as detailed in clause 5.

1.2. If you have any doubts about your child’s abilities to participate in the workshop, please write to us to clarify before booking.

1.3. Free workshops are also subject to the same conditions as listed below. 


2. Booking process

  1. 2.1. Available workshops are listed online on our web page 
  2. 2.2. Parents should use the online payment system to book the workshop.
  3. 2.3. Offline bookings are accepted by email only. The same information should be provided as required in the online form.


3. Fees and payment

3.1. Workshop fees and paid options are listed on our website.

3.2. We reserve the right to change any prices, services or content of a workshop before we enter into a contract with you.

3.3. A non-refundable deposit of the amount stated in the workshop description is required to confirm the booking.

3.4. If the required deposit payment for offline bookings is not received by the specified date, we reserve the right to consider the booking cancelled.

3.5. The receipt of the deposit does not imply acceptance of a booking. We will confirm our acceptance of your booking by email or in writing. As soon as you receive this confirmation from us, this agreement comes in force.

3.6. The total cost of the workshop is to be paid before or after the workshop.


4. Workshop content

4.1. All workshops are constantly updated and modified. The type of workshops we offer requires flexibility and the actual content depends on the age of the participants and their cognitive and manual abilities. 

4.2. The workshop description must be taken as an indication of what may take place during the workshop, but it is not X Labs's contractual obligation.

4.3. We reserve the right to replace some experiments and/or distributed gifts in case of a shortage of any required reagents, materials or consumables.

4.4. The replacements described in section 4.3 will not result in the reduction of the workshop duration. 

4.5. In case of content or workshop theme modification, there can be no additional payments or compensation under any circumstances.


5. Cancellation by the client

5.1. Any cancellation by the client must be made in writing by email.

5.2. The deposit paid by the client for the workshop is not refundable but may be exchanged for a voucher of 100 % of the amount paid in case of the notification at least 14 days prior to class start. 

5.3. Upon request of the client, X Labs can change once the date and time of the workshop, subject to availability.

5.4. In the event of any dispute, X Labs reserves the right to make the final decision.


6. Cancellation by X Labs (except for birthday parties)

6.1. X Labs reserves the right to cancel a workshop if there is an insufficient number of participants. 

6.2. Should an alteration or cancellation become necessary, you will have the choice of accepting the change, taking an alternative workshop or withdrawing from the contract and receiving a full refund from X Labs. 

6.3. Under no circumstances, can there be additional payments or compensation from us in case of a workshop cancellation.

6.4. If the age of a child participating in the workshop does not correspond to the age range specified for the workshop, X Labs has the right not to let this child join the workshop or request an adult to supervise this child or to cancel the booking if the whole group does not meet the age requirement. The final admission is decided by X Labs. 


7. Security

7.1. Should any participant misbehave or cause a disturbance affecting the workshop, the participant will be warned at first.  If the participant continues misbehaving, he/she will be excluded from the workshop for some time to let the child get quiet. We must make sure that no one’s behaviour is dangerous for the rest of children. In case of expulsion of any participant, workshop fees will not be refunded.

7.2. Children will always be under supervision of the workshop mediators. However, should accident or damage be caused by a child during the workshops, the costs will be covered by the parents’ accident insurance or directly by the parents. 

7.3. Any fees due to damage or loss of property done by the participants will be charged to the parents.

7.4. X Labs always seeks to run workshops in a safe manner. However, parents should accept that in some workshops children are exposed to tools that can cause an injury, e.g. hot soldering iron, sharp objects, etc. 

7.5. X Labs and its mediators are insured for the civil responsibility during the workshops in case of the participants’ injuries or equipment failure.

7.6. X Labs is not responsible for thefts (clothes, money, jewellery, computers, mobile phones, etc.).


8. Materials and Intellectual Property 

8.1. The copyright and other intellectual property in the presentations, training materials, documents or other materials prepared by X Labs and given to you or used in the Workshop (“the Materials”) are and remain X Labs’s property.

8.2. The Materials provided in the Workshop are made available on the strict condition that they are not circulated, reproduced, amended, altered or made available to any other party or individual for any purpose without the prior written agreement of X Labs.

8.3. X Labs may prohibit you from making any further use of the Materials if X Labs has reasonable grounds to believe that you are breaching the restrictions imposed in any part of this clause. 


9. Force-majeur

9.1. Neither X Labs nor the client shall be held liable or responsible to the other party nor be deemed to have defaulted under or breached this Agreement for failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this Agreement to the extent, and for so long as, such failure or delay is caused by or results from causes beyond the reasonable control of the affected party including but not limited to fire, floods, embargoes, war, acts of war, acts of terrorism, insurrections, riots, civil commotions, strikes, lockouts or other disturbances, acts, omissions or delays in acting by any governmental authority or the other party. 


10. Privacy

10.1. Any personal information you share with us, including email or mailing addresses, is kept private. It is collected and used according to our Privacy policy.