Science camps in Lausanne

All children aged from 7 to 12 years old are welcome to join our camps during the school vacations and discover the exciting world of science. Camps are bilingual French-English.
14-18 october 2019, 14h-17h
Cool chemistry
An exciting fun time to explore chemistry. Will it turn green, melt, or freeze? Is it alkaline or acidic? Gas, solid, liquid or something else? This week we will solve the mysteries of different substances testing their properties.
Workshops 14h-17h
Monday, 14/10
Why Mars pole is covered with frozen carbon dioxide?
Cooling and cryogenic substances
Tuesday, 15/10
Why aluminium doesn't rust?
Compare the chemical properties of the metals.
Wednesday, 16/10
What is the difference between the acids and bases?
Neutralise acids with bases and observe the changes of the acidity with an indicator.
Thursday, 17/10
Why electricity is dangerous?
Pass the electricity through different solutions to decompose them.
Friday, 18/10
How to create a giant molecule ?
Make fun experiments and discover the molecular structure of plastics.
Camp 14h - 17h
Full week / 1 child
  • Cool chemistry
  • Equipment and materials
  • Laboratory journal
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Diploma
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