Math and science courses in Lausanne

"I invite you to an exciting journey full of discoveries through the world of mathematics"
Your teacher, PhD (EPFL)
Maths Adventures
We are passionate about mathematics and we would like to transmit our passion to children. There are many possibilities to discover this subject in a fun way. Many problems can be sketched, cutted out or touched, which makes them easier to understand and to solve.
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Science workshops
All kids aged between 6 and 12 are welcome to join our workshops: young scientists and those for whom science is still a mystery and magic.
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Maths Adventures
With our interactive and engaging courses, you child will:
improve fast calculation abilities
work on concentration
discover different ways to solve problems
better understand core maths concepts
develop logical thinking
improve reasoning abilities
To achieve this goal, we need to work together every week. Apart from regular weekly courses, we will send you exercises to practice and become better in maths.
Scientific workshops
A new series of 5 workshops with spectacular experiments to discover physics and chemistry in a fun way.
Is vacuum completly empty?
Produce oxygen and discover its properties.
Build a magnetic cannon with super strong magnets.
Alchemistry: turn a copper coin in "silver" and "gold".
Decompose light to understand waves and colors.
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